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Deliver more.


To us, banking is a major service. 100% commitment,
100% competence, no hollow promises.



Customer solutions

Dero Bank – Individual capital markets services since 1997.

Our experts have been assisting medium-sized enterprises with innovative solutions for more than 15 years. We are quick and experienced.


Holistic assistance

We provide comprehensive advice and assistance for all capital market actions for Small & Mid caps.

We offer German medium-sized enterprises a flexible financial package. Learn more about our services in the area of equity and debt financing.


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  • Stock split
    7.6 million shares
    Prime Standard

    June 2016
  • Designated sponsor

    May 2016
  • Share dividend
    Entry Standard

    May 2016
  • Corporate bond
    EUR 100 million
    Co-Lead Manager
    Prime Standard

    May 2016
  • Corporate bond
    EUR 100 million
    Regulated market
    Nasdaq OMX

    March 2016
  • IPO market cap
    EUR 100 million
    Selling agent
    AIM Italia

    March 2016
  • Promissory note loans
    EUR 7 million
    Lead arrangeur

    October 2015
  • Capital increase
    EUR 1,6 million
    Lead manager
    Prime Standard

    September 2015
  • IPO market cap:
    EUR 60 million
    Selling agent
    AIM Italia

    July 2015